No question or concern is too small. No expectation is too big. As long as we can reach it realistically, respectfully and together. It’s true a picture is worth a thousand words, but it’s also what our patients have to say about the process and results of their treatment that makes all the difference.

“I highly recommend Dr. Sandra McGill from OpMedic in Laval, Quebec. I was pleasantly surprised to meet her. She is young, smart, and talented! She is English even though she is bilingual. This was very important to me. She answered every question I had and then some. She is confident in her skills and experience and it shows. I trusted her completely to help choose a size that was appropriate for MY body. I don’t regret it. Her staff were excellent in the before, during and follow up care. I was able to speak directly to the recovery room nurse 4 days after my surgery to ask a question and got a proper detailed answer. I am so glad that I chose Dr. McGill for the single, most expensive thing I have ever done for myself. She will be getting her website up and running soon. You can email me for any other questions regarding my experience with Dr. McGill.”

“Wonderful, kind, pleasant, excellent surgeon. She operated on my abdomen and I will always be grateful for how she changed my life!”

“I met with Dr. McGill to get an abdominoplasty and a breast augmentation, she is very nice and professional and her prices are very competitive. I’m scheduled for my surgery in December 2010. I will let you know how it went.”

“Le 19 juillet 2010 j’ai eu une augmentation mammaire par la merveilleuse Dr Sandra McGill. Wow! Une femme charmante qui connait son domaine! Je suis tombée en amour avec elle! Elle est vraiment très à l’écoute, disponible et le résultat est vraiment à la hauteur de mes attentes. E-x-a-c-t-e-m-e-n-t ce que j’ai demandé wow! Peut-être pas très très ponctuelle, mais le résultat vaut 100X l’attente 😉 Je n’ai que de compliments pour elle et son équipe. Si j’ai a repasser sous le bistouri pour X raison, je lui confie à nouveau mon corps sans aucun doute. Il va sans dire que je vous la recommande chaudement!” Jennifer.

“J’ai eu une abdominoplastie avec le Dr McGill, la seule chose que je peux dire est formidable et très compétente, je la recommande à tout le monde. J’ai eu beaucoup d’opération dans ma vie et je peux vous dire que c’est la meilleure, Bravo Dre Sandra McGill et merci “

I had a great experience.The surgery was explained in great detail. The operation went according to plan at a clinic which had state of the arts sterilization equipment.The crew was very professional as of course the surgeon herself, Dr. Sandra McGill. I highly recommend her for any type of surgery. “

“Moi j’ai eu une perte de poids de 180 livres et je dois tout me refaire, ma peau n’a pas tenue! Alors elle a fait mes bras et mes seins et plus tard ce sera mon abdomen, cuisses et fesses. Je vais retourner avec elle c’est certain, je l’adore! Elle est très compréhensive et sensible à l’histoire de ces patients. J’aime déjà le résultat et ça ne fait que 2 semaines! Elle est géniale, elle a des doigts de fée.:) Merci Dr. McGill!”

“I contemplated having some work done for a long time but was always too nervous to actually do it. Finally one day, on a recommendation from a close associate I called Dr. McGill for a private consultation. My expectations were not great given that I had previously met some male surgeons who did not understand or reassure me at all. Instantly though I felt relieved to find a doctor who understood my image concerns as only another mother and woman could. I decided the time was right and committed to some work. Let me tell you that I am so happy with the results I haven’t stopped smiling over the holidays. I feel great and have a renewed sense of confidence. My husband is thrilled and I often receive compliments from acquaintances telling me how great I look. The results are so subtle yet impactful my only regret is I didn’t do this sooner. Thank you Dr. McGill – you are incredible and I am forever grateful for how you have changed my life for the better! “

“She is an excellent surgeon. I look forward in dealing with Dr. McGill for more surgery. She knows what she is doing and she is excellent in her work.”

“Incredible surgeon. Very knowledgeable – flawless results. I highly recommend her. “


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